About Us

Despite originating from different backgrounds – design and hospitality respectively, our goals and vision match perfectly in a professional capacity. With over 25 years of shared experience in the event industry, together with a variety of spoken languages, we continuously create fresh ideas, as we committed to an ambitious concept in 2010 that set the basis for our future work together.

Our hearts and minds have been focused on the creation of truly memorable events and we have written scripts, stories and tales. Through this, we never compromise on time and effort, as your magical experience as our client was above it all! We want you to live in the moment and cherish your memories. We want you to experience!

As we became submerged into our new roles in the industry, it quickly became obvious that correlation between money and success exists, although this is only viable to a certain extent. Creativity and craftsmanship are what make the true difference. It is this realisation that set us on our professional path, which has directed our ambition to provide the best services available to you. We base our work on uncompromising quality, craft and details, as committing to perfection is the only way to produce distinctive work and remain at the heart of a project. Such an approach also makes it possible to provide attention to details and retain a close relationship with you as the client.

Additionally our showroom was designed more recently. Launched in 2016, it represents a concept store and an interactive billboard space – a new breed of hub, where design and function, alongside brands and individuals, can come together.

T: +44 (0)203 302 8263