William Grants & Sons appointed us to design their Ancient Reserves Christmas Pop-Up shop with clear objectives of style and performance. Their desire was to have a high-end shop that would stand out visually, which would also facilitate the variety of activities and collaborations planned for the period.

As we are fully aware of the difficulties that consumers face on a daily basis in regards to to navigation, allocation and perception of what is relevant to them, with new brands and shops being introduced practically every week, we had to offer something new, fresh, intriguing and worthwhile. Therefore, it had to be a concept that stood out !

We responded by designing a highly bespoke environment that highlighted the array of whisky styles included in the Ancient Reserves portfolio. Each had its own quality and tale to be told, which was incorporated with the design of that surroundings to enable sufficient space for interaction – allowing space for spontaneity is always essential.
The participating brands’ history was the source of inspiration for our design work, as we wanted visitors to enjoy and maximise their experiences in order to have lasting memories. We recreated artworks and magnified existing trademarks to further boost the understanding of the products, thus paying tribute to the amazing work and effort that had gone into the process long before we became involved.

We had an amazing time working on this project! Our thanks go to all those who visited; thank you for making it the success it became!

Client’s Testimonial

A huge thank you to the team at Backstage Boutique. It was amazing to see a small idea that we discussed at our first meeting blossom into one of the most beautiful brand experiences I have been involved in. Backstage helped me, bring to life a brand installation, where consumers were able to not only taste our range of esoteric whiskies, but pause for thought in the day, and be guided through the range to purchase a selection of whiskies and gifts that paired with them. 

Backstage took me through a range of ideas and each stage of planning gave me a great range of options on how we wanted to tailor the brand experience. We achieved the project on a fraction of the budget I thought it would cost, but never compromised on anything. I would highly recommend Backstage Boutique to any brand owners who have an idea they want to bring to life. Backstage Boutique helped me achieve my ideas affordably & under great time pressure. Their work is of the highest order, and they offer superb consultancy through the project.

Michael Wells
Brand Manager – Glenfiddich


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